Associations meet Japan

The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) invited me to its five-day “Meet Japan” event which was comprised of two parts: a study tour program and a convention trade mart session that introduced the country’s international convention cities to 11 participating international association executives from nine countries. I was the lone Philippine participant in my capacity as… Read More Associations meet Japan

Association governance models

There are two governance models out there for associations: the board-governed and -managed model, or so-called volunteer-run (VR) type; and the board-/management-delineated model, or the “volunteer-driven, staff-run” (VDSR) one. In the United States the second model is predominant, while here in the Philippines, it is the first, based on a preliminary survey by the Philippine… Read More Association governance models

An association and its ‘elevator pitch’

I attended for the first time the Illinois, Chicago-based Professional Convention Management Association’s (PCMA) annual conference, called “Convening Leaders 2017”, in Austin, Texas. One of the many educational tracks I joined in was entitled “5 Secrets to a Killer Elevator Pitch”, conducted by Josh Baer, founder and executive director of the Capital Factory, which he… Read More An association and its ‘elevator pitch’

Convening association and meeting professionals

I was fortunate to attend the biggest education and networking event of the Illinois, Chicago-based Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) called “Convening Leaders”. Over 5,000 delegates from associations and the meeting industry in 36 countries, mostly from the US, participated in the annual event held on January 8 to 11 in Austin, Texas. PCMA is… Read More Convening association and meeting professionals